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Atlanta-based worship leader, speaker, and songwriter, Christa Rooks is passionate about connecting with people through her music. She shares her gift of encouragement in every area. Inspired by her experiences and a variety of musical influences, Christa creates music with the desire to tell the story of God’s goodness and His unfailing love through Christ. She writes, sings, speaks, and leads with this objective.  
Throughout her career Christa has led with various worship teams during her time in ministry. She began writing music in her early years and saw her music come to life when she co-led in a worship band, bearing Light. When her band mates parted ways, she branched out as a solo artist, releasing her first EP in 2012. 
Serving in worship gatherings and events in the Atlanta area grew her ministry, and in 2016, Christa and her family relocated to Florida’s panhandle to serve on staff at Momentum Church, a ministry they had supported since its launch. Christa served as Worship Leader and Vocal Director, and her husband, James, was Interim Executive Pastor. In 2017 Christa joined Momentum’s debut EP, Hope Has a Name. She collaborated with the Momentum Music team in songwriting, contributing most for the two songs on which she is featured, Hope of Forever and A New Day (Hope is Rising), as well as writing the devotionals for each track on the record.
After a year in Florida, Christa and her family were led back to the Atlanta area, where Christa helped launch a women’s ministry, Beloved, in which she actively serves. 


During a sabbatical season in introspection and inspiration, Christa did a lot of writing. In 2019 she started a new music project, working with her friend, Jason Hoard, producer and sound engineer. This project, an EP titled "Home", includes a collection of six tracks. “This Is Home,” the first release of the new EP, is an invitation and a celebration of coming and being home. “Be Still,” one of her 2019 singles, co-written with friend, Brian Scoggin, expresses an uplifting message: in spite of the unknowns of life and fears that threaten our peace, we can trust the One who holds our lives. He never sleeps. Stop striving, stay faithful, and trust Him. "The Light Has Come," her single featuring Jason Hoard, is fun and upbeat in a folky, singer/songwriter style. It feels lighthearted, yet it conveys a deep message through poetic, hymn-like lyrics. The catchy melody stays with you. “New Strength (Peace),” another single from Christa's EP, is a reflective song, reminiscent of a lullaby. Featuring one of Christa’s favorite hymns, it is vocally-driven with soothing piano and guitar that highlight her vulnerability, while building dynamics lead to a climax of hope and strength. “Make Room,” her latest cover, is a simple, yet powerful worship anthem very fitting for today’s climate. Surrender of our doubts, burdens, and control is an important step in longing for and ultimately experiencing God do what only He can do. The last track on the EP record, "A New Day (Hope Is Rising)", was written while living in Florida when Christa was on staff at Momentum Church. She penned the lyrics and sang the melody to the team during a songwriting session, and the song came to life. 

Christa is a devoted wife and mom to four beautiful children, and her family is her most important ministry. Much of the time, ministry is a family event. James and Christa possess unique skill sets and talents that make them a dynamic team.  
Her music is available on iTunes and other digital platforms. Stay tuned for news on her latest releases!
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